Common Types of Crimes People Get Charged With

Interviewer: Well, let’s get an example. What are some of the more common types of crimes that you represent people on?

Zach Peagler: Our practice has been built, in large part, on DUI defense, but we’ve handled everything from shoplifting cases to capital murder cases, so we have a wide spectrum within the subset of criminal defense. We’ve done sex crimes, a lot of drug related cases, simple traffic tickets, and we handle matters ranging from municipal court to state court to federal court.

Interviewer: Do you do very simple stuff, too, like theft and drug cases as well, right?

Zach Peagler: Yes. Obviously there are a lot of drug cases from marijuana to trafficking in cocaine and illegal possession of prescription medication and unlawful possession of a controlled substance. A lot of those cases develop from the high level of pills that are illegally distributed in our society. There are a ton of cases that involve, in particular, prescription pain medication.

Interviewer: What are some of the lesser known crimes that you represent people for?

Zach Peagler: Well, one of the lesser known crimes that happens a lot is they charge a lot of people with felony cases for failure to properly register after they’ve been convicted of a sex crimes offense, and that law is very arduous on the person, so a lot of these people have been to prison for crimes that they committed and served their sentence and come out, but they have to continually register with the county that they live in, and there are very strict guidelines on where they can live. They have to keep the sheriff’s office informed of where they work and live and they have to have permission to live and work in certain places. A lot of people are charged with not properly keeping up with that task, and it’s not a violation; it’s a separate felony offense. People are going back to prison in those cases for failure to register all the time.

I would say another case in a different area that people aren’t aware of all the time is when they end up getting charged with illegal possession of prescription medication for simply not having the proper prescription documentation with them. People are pulled over in routine traffic stops from time-to-time that result in a search of their automobile and they may find prescription medication in a Ziploc bag or some other carrying device, and if the people don’t have the proper documentation, they can be charged with the crime of illegal possession of prescription medication, as well.

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