How Do You Know If You Are Under A Criminal Investigation?

Interviewer: Now, how does someone know if they’re under criminal investigation?

Zach Peagler: Oftentimes people don’t know if they’re under criminal investigation until they’ve actually been charged with a crime, but in certain instances you can find out. In a federal court case, if the federal government opens an investigation against you, at some point in the proceedings they’ll mail a letter to the potential defendant and just say, “You’ve been targeted as a part of this investigation,” and it’ll give you some explanation as to why. We get people that hire us at that point in the proceedings to say, “What do I need to do about this?” Again, it’s on a case-by-case basis, but oftentimes you can go meet with the government’s lawyers and tell them what you know. Sometimes that will move you from being a target of an investigation into a witness in a potential investigation.

In state court cases, in most of the cases that are brought, a crime is committed and usually someone is arrested shortly thereafter. It’s not a very long process. In most of the cases we get, the people are probably arrested at the scene of the crime.

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