What Is The Common Reaction of People Charged With A Crime?

Interviewer: What have you learned about people’s behavior over the years, and their reaction to getting arrested and prosecuted for a crime? In other words, what sort of human insights have you gained into the whole process?

Zach Peagler: I think, going back to that other thing I said a minute ago, it’s just that people want to talk. They want to explain themselves. When they go to court, they want to tell the judge why they’re not guilty, and you really have to just let the process play itself out. You’ll get your chance to talk if it’s advisable to talk, but oftentimes that might not be for a year or more after you’ve been arrested. I think it’s human nature that they want to tell their side of the story, and sometimes it can certainly hurt their case.

Now, there are other times when, on the flip side of that coin, even people that are just 100% guilty of their crime want to tell their story, too. I guess it’s a guilty conscience scenario, and that’s understandable, but you also can damage yourself. There are some very strict laws with some very stiff punishments out there, and so oftentimes the average citizen might think that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. By talking about the things that you’ve done, you can end up with a much stiffer penalty than if you let the process play out and let them prove their case against you.

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