What Is The Biggest Misconception That People Have About Being On Probation?

Probably that it’s not as serious as it is. When you’re on probation, you’re just one step away from being imprisoned or jail of some sort. You really have to understand the rules and follow them or you will end up in jail or prison. People sometimes, when they leave court and they’ve been sentenced to a term of probation, they think the case is over and they put it in the back of their mind and don’t really pay close attention.

Can You Provide an Idea to Potential Clients If They Might be Put on Probation in Order to Prepare Them?

Yes. Typically, when we get a new client in, we’ll look at their background and if they don’t have a history and it’s a non-violent offense, they’ve probably got a good shot at probation but that’s not necessarily where we’re looking right from the get go. We’re looking more at the elements of the charge, what the state’s case is. Even if someone thinks that they’re guilty of a charge, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are guilty of that charge. There’s a lot that happens between us being hired and us starting to talk to somebody about probation typically, when we get down to the fact that they pled guilty or are going to plead guilty or they’ve been convicted at a trial and the sentencing date has been set, then we’ll start talking to them about the probation and the likelihood of getting probation and that sort of thing.

What Are Your Clients’ Biggest Concerns About Probation When they Meet with You?

How it would affect their job or their livelihood or their family life or their school. Basically just how much of an impact it’s going to have on their lives but the alternative to that is going to jail or prison. So you’ve got to make room for it and make it a priority in your life if you’re placed on probation. You’ve basically gotten a good deal in not having to go to prison because that would have ruined everything in your life as far as your job or your family or your school is concerned. So, probation, first of all, it’s got to be the highest priority because it’s the only thing standing between you and prison. Secondly, once you get in there and starting showing to the monthly reporting sessions and doing things that they ask you to do, it’s not as intrusive on your life as most people think right at the beginning.

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