Why Should Someone Hire An Attorney If They’re Expecting To Get Probation?

First of all, if it’s a felony offense or any offense for that matter, being on probation, that means you’ve been found guilty of that offense and that’s going to be on your record forever. If it’s a felony offense, then you’ve lost your right to vote, you’ve lost your right to carry your firearm, you’ve lost several constitutional right and you’re branded as a felon for the rest of your life. You’re going to have trouble getting employment and so hiring an attorney in any case that involves a felony is crucial, critical in my opinion because you want to evaluate the case whether you think you’ll get probation or not, you want to evaluate the case, go to court, make the state show your attorney why and how and if they can prove the charge against you. If they can’t, then you walk away with the case being dismissed or you’re found not guilty and there’s no record that you were convicted of a felony, so you don’t lose all those rights or you don’t even have to be on probation. So, that’s a big reason.

Secondly, even if you think you’re guilty and you want to go in there and ask for the mercy of the court, you still want an attorney to make sure you understand what you’re being put through, what the conditions of this probation are, what the conditions of this deferred prosecution program are so that you’re not confused. I see it all the time when I’m in court, I see people without attorney and I think to myself how in the world can they understand everything that’s been told to them right now? If they try to speak up, I see this all the time too, they say, “I don’t understand this or that”, or they come back and they’re already in trouble for violating their probation and they tell the judge, “I didn’t understand this or that”. The judge is not going to take that as an excuse.

It Is Important To Retain An Attorney As a Layman Cannot Comprehend Legal Intricacies

The court system moves at a rapid pace and it happens every day, 365 days a year on most. There’s a 1,000 people in and out of that courthouse everyday and so judges are seeing hundreds and thousands of people a month and to everybody that works in the court system, prosecutors, probation officers and judges. It’s their job, they do it every single day, so it becomes almost numbing to them how everything in the courtroom makes sense. But to somebody who’s just walked in there for the first time ever in their life, it is a lot of information to try to process and keep up with. So, if for no other reason in that, I would hire an attorney just to slow things down and make sure that you understand what you’re getting into.

Depending on the Severity of the Charge, Would They Do Something like House Arrest as the Terms of Probation?

Very rarely! House arrest typically is in a pretrial setting. That’s typically a condition of your bond that you’re on house arrest. It’s more to assure your appearance in court for a charge than it is as a term of imprisonment, so that’s more likely the scenario when you get someone talk about house arrest is they haven’t been to trial yet.

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