Employment Opportunities Available To Registered Sex Offenders

Interviewer: What about employment? What are some of the employment opportunities that someone will have as a sex offender? What are some of the options they’re going to have in that regard?

Zach Peagler: Unfortunately, it’s going to be very difficult if they don’t have some independent connection with an employer that’s willing to take a risk on them. Because employers have to deal with their own liability, so they’re certainly not going to be able to get any kind of job working with children or anything like that.

Employers Tend to Avoid the High Level of Scrutiny that Comes With Hiring Registered Sex Offenders

Even in cases where their job may require them to go into people’s homes or businesses, an employer can’t take the risk of hiring a convicted sex offender because if anything goes wrong, even if it’s not something that the sex offender did, that employer is going to be subject to higher scrutiny and it’s going to seem like the sex offender is going to be the first person they look at if something goes wrong.

Registered Sex Offenders Are Mostly Hired in Heavy Labor Related Jobs

Many employers first of all, aren’t going to hire a sex offender just because morally, they don’t want to do that, but even if that’s not the case, they have other potential legal liabilities that’s going to make them shy away from hiring a sex offender. I think most sex offenders are subject to probably pretty heavy labor related jobs or those type of things.

The Penalties Associated With Solicitation Charges in Alabama

Interviewer: Let’s talk about an individual who’s been, let’s say, with a prostitute or soliciting a prostitute, hiring an escort, finding someone on Craigslist. What is going to happen to that individual? What are some of the charges that he’s going to be facing, so he or she? What type of conviction will they receive for solicitation?

Zach Peagler: In a misdemeanor sex offense, just like any other misdemeanor crime, the maximum punishment is going to be 12 months in the county jail or municipal jail. Then depending on the type of crime, and if it’s something you need to go over with an attorney as soon as you’ve been charged or think you’re under investigation, the registration and notification requirements are going to be individualized to the specific charge. Misdemeanors don’t carry any prison time potential, but they do carry a potential penalty of up to 12 months in a county jail or municipal jail.

The Expungement Laws in Alabama Apply To Any Charges That Don’t Result In A Conviction

Interviewer: If it’s a misdemeanor, could that be expunged with some of the new expungement laws in Alabama?

Zach Peagler: Yeah. The expungement laws could apply to certain charges that don’t result in a conviction. I think that’s important in the misdemeanor sex offense cases where if someone was not convicted and the charges were dismissed. They could have that record expunged, but if they’re convicted, there’s no parameter for expungement. Unfortunately in Alabama, even the most serious charge of rape, if you were exonerated at trial and found not guilty by a jury, DNA evidence came about to suggest that it was not you, any of those things, there’s still no parameter in Alabama to have the record of the arrest and the charge expunged.

A Rape Charge Cannot Be Expunged In The State Of Alabama

That’s something that the Criminal Defense Association has to work on with the legislature to try to get some of those more serious charges included in Alabama’s expungement law. Because, as I stated before, there are times where false accusations are made or misidentifications happen. Unfortunately, for even completely innocent individuals who’ve been charged with rape, they cannot have the record expunged and it can haunt them for the rest of their lives. For that reason, the hope is that, the various law enforcement agencies take the responsibility very seriously of charging someone with a crime, because whether, even if they’re not guilty, it can be something that follows them for the rest of their lives.

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