Embezzlement Is A Common Crime Perpetrated In Businesses That Deal In Cash

Interviewer: How do people usually go about doing embezzlement? I mean what’s the most common type of business that people will embezzle from?

Zach Peagler: It crosses all spectrums you’re talking about just an employee taking money – I mean any employee that’s got access to money can take it. And the more money laundering schemes you’re typically dealing with car dealerships; businesses that deal in cash. It really doesn’t know any particular industry.

High Level Bank Executives Are Prone to Embezzling Minute Amounts of Money During Transactions

Interviewer: Because banks usually come to mind when we talk about embezzlement.

Zach Peagler: Yes those high level executives; I’ve had stories of people that find ways to skimp real minute amounts of money. But just do it in such mass quantities every time that it adds up to tons of money. But it’s something that’s not ever noticed as its happening because it’s such a small amount per transaction; it’s kind of like, have you ever seen that movie Office Space? The scheme that they run in that movie is – it happens in real life.

The Prosecution of a Theft Charge is Largely Driven by the Victim

Interviewer: How would a theft charge have a lot of prosecution on it?

Zach Peagler: Typically the prosecution, other than like when I was mentioning the copper cases which they’rereal they have – like our district attorney’s office in Jefferson County has a policy to really go hard after the copper cases. But in most theft cases – especially misdemeanor or even vehicular personal property – the prosecution is largely driven by the victim, in our jurisdiction at least. And that’s – you know, in my opinion that’s how it should be. I mean that’s – the D.A’s office here does a good job of listening to their victims and what they want to happen. And if the victim – if there’s a way to settle the case that makes the victim of the crime happy, then they’re not particularly worried about securing the maximum level conviction or the maximum level punishment.

If Someone is Not Convicted of a Theft Charge They Can Have it Expunged in Alabama

Interviewer: Would someone be able to expunge a theft charge first of all as an option, and second, how would they go about doing that if that’s the case?

Zach Peagler: If you’re not convicted of the theft charge then you can have it expunged from your record one year after the dismissal. If you’re convicted in Alabama, we still have no process for expungement.

Stereotype of a Person who commits a Theft Offense

Interviewer: Is there a particular kind of person that will commit theft?

Zach Peagler: It varies but I will say that, you know, a general blanket you can throw over most crimes nowadays has to do with drugs in some way, shape or form. Either the person is not thinking clearly and they do something stupid or they’re so desperate from a drug addiction standpoint that they’d do something that they wouldn’t normally do. Most of the cases that we deal with in the area of theft, they’re not bad people – they’ve just made poor decisions, or they’re being prosecuted for something that they have an excuse for. So you just need to get in there and really evaluate the case and the facts, and apply them to the law, and make the best decision you can moving forward.

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