Theft By Extortion Is Designated As A Robbery Charge In Alabama

Interviewer: What would be an example of theft by extortion? Is anything like blackmail or something?

Zach Peagler: It’d probably be more designated as a robbery case. But you know you could get into a situation of blackmailing people for money or extorting money because you had some information that they didn’t want to let you know – that they didn’t want shared or used against them. I really don’t see many cases of that.

Theft of Lost Property Is Known as Receiving Stolen Property in Alabama

Interviewer: Does theft of lost property refer to something like if someone received a stolen phone or computer or something like that – and maybe you were not aware of it but kind of knew about it? Could that be anything like that?

Zach Peagler: In Alabama, that type of thing would be called receiving stolen property. So there’s classifications based on dollar amounts for felonies in receiving stolen property, just like in theft. So technically you could be prosecuted for receiving stolen property even if you had no knowledge that the property was stolen. Most cases – you know the standard in those receiving stolen properties is basically you knew or should have known that it was stolen. So in most cases they’re able to tie that back into some sort of relationship with the person that they received the property from, so that they can say that they should have known that this was – there wasn’t a legitimate source for this property.

Theft of Services Commonly Refers To Availing a Service or a Product and Not Paying for it

Interviewer: What would theft of services refer to? You ever see that in Alabama?

Zach Peagler: Yes we see a few of those and it’s almost in every case it would be like a – eating a meal at a restaurant or pumping gas at a gas station or something like that, and not paying for it. And I’ve had a few of those type cases and mostly it’s a misdemeanor so they’re mostly prosecuted in municipal courts. They don’t carry real serious consequences but it’s just not something you want to deal with. It’s going to be a lot worse than if you just paid for the meal in the first place.

Interviewer: I know that also refers to something if someone doesn’t pay a cab or something like that?

Zach Peagler: Yeah, they’re the same thing.

Usually Adolescents or Intoxicated Individuals are charged with Theft of Services

Interviewer: What are reasons for that to happen, I mean is it because someone maybe forgets to bill it or just goes out sometimes because they feel they don’t want to? What have you seen?

Zach Peagler: Yeah I think, like the ones I’ve dealt with in the – what they call “dash and dine” would be the high school kids kind of doing it for the thrill of it. Now the theft of services on the cab front – you know I mean a lot of cab drivers are dealing, on the weekend in particular, with drunk people. But who knows why they don’t want to pay or – I’ve had a few cases where an intoxicated person vomits in the cab, and then the cab driver, they get into an argument about that and then the person doesn’t want to pay the cab driver. I mean those – it’s just, you’re often dealing with a pretty ridiculous circumstance when you’ve got an intoxicated person riding home with a cab driver and they get into an altercation of some sort. So beyond those reasons, I don’t think there’s any good reason to commit a theft of services.

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