Why Should I Hire A Lawyer For My Drug-Related DUI Case?

For drug-related DUIs, a cluster of legal defenses exists. It is much more difficult proving you were under the influence of drugs than under the influence of alcohol.

Therefore, you’ll want to hire a lawyer to flush out all legal arguments. After all, in this case, someone had marijuana in his system, but this does not mean he was influenced by marijuana during the time in question.

Is it Possible to Get a Drug-Related DUI Conviction Expunged?

Not in Alabama. You can get the record of the arrest expunged if you’re not subsequently convicted. However, you cannot get the conviction expunged.

Does Hiring an Attorney Improve my Chances for a Successful Result and a Clean Record?

This is one reason you might want to hire an attorney. At the end of the day, attorneys have been trained. They’re professionals. This is what they do for a living.

In my case, my firm does mostly Criminal defense and DUI defense. Therefore, not only are we trained as lawyers in the courtroom; we’re further specifically trained with DUI cases.

You’re paying someone who does this for a living. This is similar to the air conditioner at your home. Why would you try to tinker with it when you don’t know how to fix an air conditioner?

In my opinion, it’s better to hire a professional who deals with it every day than to read a couple of articles on the Internet before going to court. It won’t suffice.

Could I Be Charged if Someone Left His Prescription Bottle in My Car?

If the prescription was for your friend, your wife, or your relative, and if this information was ascertainable by the police, then you are most likely in the clear. For example, if you just happen to spill your wife’s bottle of Adderall when you reach for your registration, then this is easily explainable.

However, if other circumstances exist beyond this initial information, like if you were driving 150 miles an hour with a bottle of Adderall spilling out in your passenger seat, you’ll be charged.

If you’re found with other people’s prescriptions and they’re easy to explain, you won’t be charged. However, technically, you can be charged any time you have controlled substance pills in a plastic baggy or other kind of carrying case without the prescription information on the bottle.

This would be termed illegal possession of prescription medication. I always tell my wife anytime she’s traveling with any of her prescriptions to make sure they’re in the bottle they were given in and not in her purse, floating around. If they see this, they could charge you with illegal possession of prescription medication, even if it is your prescription.

Can Drug Paraphernalia Constitute a Separate Charge?

Drug paraphernalia is a separate misdemeanor charge. If they find a marijuana pipe or another piece of drug paraphernalia, they can charge you separately.

When You Meet a Client for a Drug Related DUI, What Are His Immediate Needs?

Initially, they’re just scared because they’ve been arrested. They want to know what they need to do, and what’s going to happen to them.

We can guide them through the process after we view the facts of their case. We can tell them what the most likely scenario will be.

Would Checking into a Drug Counseling Program be Beneficial to My Case or Would it Seem Like an Admission of Guilt?

Nothing is black and white. However, if this case has a high likelihood that you’ll be found guilty at trial or you’ll ask for mercy from the judge or the prosecutor, I think it’s a great idea to check into rehab if you feel you want to or need to.

If you weren’t guilty and you can prove it, it’s definitely going to look good in the court’s eyes if you fight the conviction. I wouldn’t go to drug rehab in that scenario just to show the court I did it; however, it can be beneficial in some cases.

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