DUI Experience & Clientele

Interviewer: How many cases of DUI defense do you think you’ve handled, ballpark?

Brett Hollett: Hundreds. At the firm, we’ve handled over 500 drug and alcohol related cases and over 1,000 criminal cases.

Interviewer: Is there any particular type of person that tends to get them? Older folks, younger, men or women?

Brett Hollett: It could be anybody. DUIs don’t discriminate. People from all walks of life, all ages, sexes and races are arrested for DUI. However, males aged 21-35 are the most at risk group. This group was responsible for approximately 50% of all DUI arrests in Alabama.

Interviewer: Do men and women view DUI differently? Do they tell you the same things or are they different in their perspective?

Brett Hollett: I think there may be more of stigma associated with women and they tend to feel more ashamed than men do.

Interviewer: When people come to you and they have been arrested, do you have a lot of first time offenders or do you get a lot of repeat offenders?

Brett Hollett: Both, unfortunately.

Interviewer: Are there more first timers, or more repeat, or just a big mix?

Brett Hollett: I guess it’s a mix but I guess you can say maybe more first timers, but there unfortunately are a lot of repeat offenders.

Interviewer: Of the people that you help, are there any surprises in there? Have you helped attorneys that have been arrested for DUI or police themselves?

Brett Hollett: We have. Attorneys, doctors, police officers – it can happen to anybody.

Interviewer: Do a lot of the people that come to you for help have blood alcohol levels that are close the 0.08% limit or do a lot of them have really high levels where they seem to be significantly impaired?

Brett Hollett: The majority of people we help that have been arrested for DUI fall within the 0.08% and 0.15% BAC range.

Interviewer: The reason I ask is that it seems like society wants to paint everyone that’s been arrested as a drunk that’s all over the road. I don’t know if that’s been your experience. Is more that someone had an extra glass of wine with dinner and they got caught?

Brett Hollett: I definitely think that’s a big part of it. However, I think many people don’t realize how much alcohol – or, I should say, how little alcohol – can make your blood alcohol content rise to a point where now you’re legally intoxicated when you get behind the wheel. It’s not just somebody sitting at the bar pounding shooters or something like that. It can be your mom, your dad, a coworker or a friend that just had one extra glass of wine at dinner or one additional beer at the party.

Interviewer: What’s your guess on how many people in the areas you serve had been arrested each year for DUI?

Brett Hollett: The statistics are hard to come by. However, in 2010 there were approximately 20,000 people throughout Alabama that were arrested for DUI. Huntsville has consistently ranked number 1 in DUI arrests year after year.

Typical DUI Scenario

Interviewer: Is there a certain backstory that people have when they tell you what happened or how they were arrested like, “I only had two beers,” or something like that?

Brett Hollett: Everybody says they only had a couple of drinks and no one can remember what exactly a couple of drinks really mean. Prior to their arrest, most people are leaving an event or a social gathering where alcohol was involved, and they are headed home. Most the DUI arrests occur at night probably between the hours of 10:00 p.m. at night and 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

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