Personal Statement

Interviewer: What would you say makes your firm and your representation different, unique, and particularly suited for people facing DUI?

Brett Hollett: I would say that we really listen to people. We have a lot of experience all throughout the state but particularly when it comes to DUI. We listen to people. We understand what’s important to them. We go through the details. We don’t just get their file and show up to court. We make sure they make informed decisions along the way with us. We tell them what’s in the discovery that’s been provided to us from the court. We go over their case with them. We show up to court. They know what the strengths of our case are; they know what the weaknesses of our case are, and typically, that helps us and them negotiate a plea in their case because they know what they did and what they didn’t do.

Interviewer: A lot of attorneys say you want someone who’s experienced and they do a lot of these cases. What has experience taught you? I know every case is different but where are you finding in these cases especially recently?

Brett Hollett: I think it tells you or you can see where to push the buttons or where to push for a better deal or what you really need to be concerned about or what you really need to look at and not just taking off for finish line. I think a lot of these cases can be won in the details or won in the trenches if you really get down and look at the evidence that’s been provided or look at the scientific data. A lot of people tend to think just because something has to do with science, whether it’s a BAC result or whether it’s a blood draw, that’s just the fact and it’s really not. There are a lot of different mitigating factors that we can go on with that and there are a lot of things that have to be done to make sure that the scientific evidence is reliable. I think a lot of people just take that for granted. They think that the state is infallible when they start this process and they find out that they’re not.

Interviewer: Being in front of a lot of the same judges and prosecutors, what do you think helps you and your client that maybe someone with less experience couldn’t do? I know you’re not getting favors from them but what do you think having a good relationship with these people does for you?

Brett Hollett: I think it can get you better results – not necessarily favors – but if you’re in front of these people day in and day out, they know that you’re going to fight for your clients. They know you’re also going to fight the good cases and not necessarily fight them over something that shouldn’t be. They know you know how to pick your battles.

I think that they know and you know that you’re not afraid to go to trial and you’re going to continue to fight for your client. I think if they realize that you’re willing to take this case to trial, you’re going to push it, but a lot of times, they will make reasonable or fair offers to start out with and you won’t have to continually push because they realize that everybody wants to move their docket along and they realize that if they don’t treat you fairly, you don’t treat your client fairly, and that you’re not afraid to trial the case and let the judge or the jury decide what happens.

Interviewer: What do you think when lawyers say, “I am aggressive and I’ll fight for you; we’ll will attack the defense,” or “We’ll attack the prosecution”? Do you think that is a good strategy or would another strategy be better?

Brett Hollett: It can be good. I guess it all just depends, but I also think just a more thorough approach is helpful – maybe not necessarily just going out of the first hearing with all your guns blazing. If you really just sit back and look at the case as a whole or on the totality of the circumstances, and if you’re not too aggressive to begin with, the prosecutor may not be on guard as much. Sometimes, you’re able to get better results because of that. I think it really can just be case dependent.

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