Is It Important To Shop Around When Choosing an Attorney?

I would encourage somebody to shop around, particularly if they did not have a solid recommendation from a friend or family member stating that the attorney they were recommending was someone who they had used before and who really knew what they were doing. It might save some time if the potential client really trusted the person who sent them to a specific attorney.

It would probably be a good idea for someone who had to sit on the internet to find an attorney or however else they might try to find an attorney, to meet with a few and see which one they felt the most comfortable with and which one met their expectations of what they felt should happen or what goals they were trying to accomplish in defending the DUI.

What Qualifications Should Someone Look Out For When Hiring A DUI Attorney?

The person should look for an attorney who has practiced a lot in the DUI area of the law because it is a very specific area. There are a lot of nuances and there are a lot of moving parts in it and it is an area of the law that changes quite often, especially lately in Alabama.

It seems like at every legislative session they change small parts of the DUI law that relate to the license suspension or mandatory minimum punishments, so hiring an attorney who had handled a significant number of DUIs and spent a lot of time in their practice in general along with keeping up with the change in the DUI law and devoting themselves to education in the area of DUI, would be important factors to consider when choosing an attorney.

Is It Good For An Attorney To Guarantee A Victory, Or Is There Something Wrong With That?

First of all, it would be unethical for an attorney to guarantee anything in the legal system. Any lawyer who guarantees a victory is either lying to their client or does not know what they are talking about. It may be that the attorney has hindsight of 20/20 so he ends up being right about what he or she says at the beginning but no lawyer would be able to predict with certainty whether or not there would be a victory in any type of case.

The legal system is full of snares, traps and pitfalls and different things can happen on different days, so an attorney would never be able to tell which way the ball would bounce for sure. An attorney would be able to have a good idea about the possible outcome of a case if they had handled a lot of cases in a certain jurisdiction, although they would not be able to say what would happen for sure, so people should be very vary of any lawyer who guaranteed them any type of result.

What Are Some Red Flags To Be Aware Of When It Comes To DUI Attorneys?

Nowadays, a lot of attorneys have to practice areas of law that they had not practiced in the past, so even from just an experience level, people need to make sure they hire somebody who had handled DUI cases before, so that if they had not handled any such cases, then they should make sure they talked through those issues with their attorney. They might still want to hire that attorney but they should know on the front-end that the attorney had not handled this type of case before, which would be one of the red flags that a client should look out for.

What Sort Of Attorney Should Someone Hire If They Were Charged With A DUI?

The person should hire an attorney who they felt the most comfortable with, probably on personal level and who gave the best feeling that they would be attentive to what the client felt was important and it should generally be someone who just made the client feel comfortable.

How Should An Attorney Use His Time For A DUI Case?

The attorney would use his or her time to draft the appropriate pleadings, and in almost every DUI case in Alabama, they would need to draft a letter requesting an administrative hearing or a review with regard to a license suspension. They would have to review the ASP16 order to draft that letter and then they would have to wait for a response to it because that would set a hearing date.

The attorney would go to that hearing, attend the hearing and then get back to their office. They would then have to draft the petition for the judicial review and file that with the circuit court in the county in which the DUI was charged.

In the municipal court or county court, the attorney would have to file a notice of appearance and a discovery motion which would request that the city or county provide them the tickets for the underlying DUI case and oftentimes the arrest report, any statements made by their client to the police, and then they would have to review those documents with the city, which would essentially mean reviewing the documents to see how exactly they planned to prove the case against the person.

The attorney would need to review all of that and prepare a defense or an argument for plea negotiations based on what that discovery showed. They would often need to have another meeting or two with the client to discuss those discovery responses and then of course they would need to appear in court. The longest time would be spent just going to court dates with the client and negotiating the plea, appearing before the judge to enter a plea or the most lengthy amount of time would be taken if they actually needed to have a trial in the case.

Should Someone Read Testimonials And Ask About Other Case Studies Or Stories?

Yes, because it could be an indication that the attorney had success if the client was able to see these things on their websites. They may have handled thousand cases and been able to get only four testimonials so it cannot be considered the be all end all to judge whether or not the attorney was proficient at the job but it would be a good starting point to say that the attorney had some past clients who were satisfied with them.

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