What Is The Biggest Mistake People Make When Hiring An Attorney?

The biggest mistake people make is probably just letting the cost be the only deciding factor or not spending any time talking to the attorney on the phone or in person before hiring them. Another mistake people make is just believing something they saw on a billboard or an advertisement stating that a certain attorney was the best attorney around, because that could lead to mistakes if the person did not follow up to figure out who the actual attorney was and whether they would be on the same page with the client regarding what a successful outcome would be for their case.

Is It Always Good To Hire An Attorney Who Is “Aggressive”?

The term “always” cannot be used in regards to anything concerning the law because it would depend on many factors. The person should be more inclined to hire an attorney who understood whether being aggressive would match up with the client’s goals in the case.

The most important thing when defending a DUI case would be to make sure the lawyer understood what the client hoped to accomplish and then strategized based on that. There is no one way to handle every single DUI case. In some cases being as friendly as possible with the prosecutor and the court or being apologetic while setting up things on the front-end to show that we are taking responsibility for our actions would get us a lot farther than trying to take an aggressive approach. With other cases, a more aggressive approach may lead to a better result.

There is no 100 percent one way or the other, because the requirement would vary on a case-to-case basis.

Would It Be Worth Hiring An Attorney For A Second DUI If The First One Did Not Go So Well?

The punishment would be more severe the second time around, both by way of the license suspension and jail time. There would be a mandatory minimum 5 days jail sentence for a second DUI conviction, which would be a glaring reason why someone should hire an attorney for their subsequent DUI.

Someone who was not happy with their attorney the first time around should not hire that same attorney again. There are a lot of good, qualified, competent attorneys who can help because the stakes are just a lot higher if someone had been in trouble with the law multiple times, so it would be even more important to hire an attorney in those situations.

Could Someone Duplicate their Friend’s Strategy for a DUI and Expect the Same Results?

There is no guarantee of any success because each case is different. The blood alcohol reading would be different, there would be different police officers, the person would have performed differently on the field sobriety tests, there would be a different judge and different prosecutor and even if it was all in the same jurisdiction, with the same judge and same prosecutor, there would still be nuances that would make the case different.

Someone who was in the same jurisdiction could feel more confident that things might go in a similar fashion although as a general rule, it would be very dangerous to listen to the person’s own friends or family about exactly what happened in their DUI and then let them say that would happen in the person’s case, because things change all the time and their information might not be exactly accurate with regards to what happened to them.

How Much Time Should Someone Take To Decide About Getting An Attorney?

The person would be restricted in some way by when the court date was set. Most DUI cases are set within the first appearances which would usually be within 45 days of the arrest so the person would have to work on that timeframe.

More importantly, the person would have 10 days from the date of the arrest to file for an administrative hearing in review of their license suspension because if they did not do that, they would miss the statutory requirements that would allow them to file for a judicial review of the license suspension, which would ultimately greatly increase the chances that the license suspension time would be reduced.

They would need to hire an attorney within a week of being arrested for DUI, so they should not sit back and think they could deal with it a week before the court date, because they should actually start dealing with it immediately.

Is It Possible To Fire Your Current Attorney And Hire Another?

Yes, because the client is in control in any attorney-client relationship. The attorney would also be able to fire the client, and anytime the client was uncomfortable with their current attorney, they would be able to end their relationship and the attorney would then need to give them back the file with the file contents so that they would be free to hire whoever they wanted to.

What Are Some Reasons People Have Fired Attorneys In The Past?

People fire their attorneys because they just reach an impasse where they disagree about what would be a favorable outcome.

An attorney may have reviewed everything and come to the conclusion that the person was better off pleading guilty or taking an offer from the district attorney or prosecutor whereas the client may think they were not guilty, which is something that does happen. An attorney may ask the client to pay them a certain amount more money if they were going to have a trial on their case, so if the client did not want to do that then at that point they might find somebody who would cost them less.

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