What Will A Good Attorney Ask During An Initial Consultation?

The attorney would start with wanting to know the client’s background information including everything like their address, social security number and phone number so that they could also do background checks on the person. They would ask the person about their criminal history if any, which would not be something to be ashamed about or think that the attorney was automatically assuming the person had a criminal history, because they would just need to know that information in order to properly represent the client.

The attorney would ask the person regarding the facts of the case, like where they were before being arrested, what time of day they were pulled over, how the interaction went with the officer, which field sobriety tests were done, the results of those tests, whether there were any unfair conditions, how the police reacted, whether there were any other tickets besides a DUI, whether there were any other people in the car, and whether there were any witnesses.

Other initial questions they may ask the person would be about what court would be hearing the case, who the judge and prosecutor were when the court date was and they would review the license suspension materials specifically the AST60 and they would ask whether or not the person’s license was taken.

What Should Someone Ask A Lawyer When Interviewing Them For A DUI Case? 

The person should ask the attorney whether they practiced in that jurisdiction, whether they had been in front of a particular judge, whether they had dealt with the particular prosecutor, whether they handle DUI cases on a regular basis and whether they had been trained for the continuing education on various nuances of the DUI law. They might also want to ask what that attorney’s success rate was and whether they had handled similar DUIs in this jurisdiction.

They should not want to have the attorney guarantee a similar or same outcome as any other case but they should just get a feeling from them whether they had done this type of work in this area and whether they had been relatively successful. If the person had been referred by friends, family, another lawyer or they were able to read about some of their successes online, then that could help assure the person that the attorney know knew what he was doing.

Should An Attorney Spend A Good Amount Of Time Talking To Someone At A First Consultation?

Yes, although I tend to follow on the side of empathy. We certainly see a lot of people go through these things and we know how it affects their lives and the uncertainty that surrounds it. Probably the worst part for most people is that they are uncertain about what would happen to them and they think that it would take a long time for it all to work itself out.

Empathy can be a good thing but it is not a good idea to go overboard, because the attorney would still have a professional job to do and they should tell the client what their game plan was to help defend them in the case. The client should look for a positive upbeat attitude and they should find an attorney who thought they could help them, not someone who promised they would definitely be able to win the case, because it would not be honest for an attorney to say that since that might not happen because there would be no way they could know that so early on in the process.

Is It Better To Deal With The Attorney Directly?

Not necessarily, because the support staff might often know more off the top of their head or they might have better access to files than an attorney would, because he might be in court or out of the office. It would be better to ask the office staff instead of the attorney if the person had general questions about their court date and deadlines for certain things.

Can A Good Attorney Tell The Client About The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Regarding Their DUI Case?

Yes, if that was something that the person wanted to understand from the outset because the attorney would be able to tell them what the best case scenario would be along with what the worst case scenario would be and then possibly what the most likely case scenario would be, after they had gathered all of the facts from the client. It would not be an unfair question to ask from the attorney, although there would be no guarantee of those things but it would just be the best, worst and middle case scenarios.

What Are Some Things To Ask A Family Friend Who Was An Attorney In Regards To A DUI Case?

The person should ask the family friend how many DUIs they had handled, whether that was an area of law they really focused on, whether they understood that the law changes almost every year and whether they were up-to-date on those things, whether they had practiced in this court before, whether they knew how to help minimize the damage of the license suspension and whether they knew if that court offered any sort of alternative resolution besides the trial or a plea of guilty.

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