What Would Be Considered A Low Cost Attorney?

It’s hard to define low costs, because there is probably a broad spectrum of costs for attorneys in any city. Someone may do a DUI for $500 to $1,000 and then there are people who may charge $10,000 for a DUI. It would be important for the person to interview the lawyers and understand what they would be getting for that amount of money because there would be a lot of different pieces to a DUI case.

Someone who was charging $500 to $1,000 may not have built in the time necessary to handle all of the various components to a DUI defense. If the lawyer requested an administrative hearing with regard to the person’s license suspension then they would appear in that hearing with the client, which is something that would happen well before the court date for the actual DUI charge. Following that administrative hearing, the attorney would file a petition for judicial review to the license suspension, which would be held in a separate court from the underlying DUI case.

The attorney should appear with the client in the municipal court or county court where they would have actually been charged with the DUI. They would have to appear with the client there anywhere from 2 to 6 times which is how long it would take to resolve a DUI case. The attorney would then have to appear in the court where they had resolved the issue with the client regarding the license suspension and they would settle that case for them.

There are a lot of different components to DUI representation and if the person chose a $500 attorney between a choice of an attorney who charged $5,000 whereas another attorney was charging $500, then they should make sure that they understand what all the $500 attorneys actually do.

Will A Better Attorney Always Cost More?

Not necessarily, because some attorneys who have been around for a long time tend to command higher fees although the client may find another attorney who was not quite as expensive but who was able to get relatively similar results, so on both ends of the spectrum, the cost would not be the only factor.

Do not hire somebody only because they were the cheapest, but you should also not hire somebody just because they were the most expensive. It would be important to meet with them, talk to them and for the person to gauge their own gut feeling about the attorney’s personality based on how they presented themselves and how attentive they were regarding trying to accomplish the client’s goals within the case.

Would It Save The Client Money In The Long Run Even If They Hired A More Expensive Attorney?

This would be possible, because the person might get the heftier fines because they hired a low cost attorney who did not spend as much time on the front-end taking care of things, resulting in more convictions against the person on the companion tickets or things like that.

The client should make sure they understood what the contract stated, because sometimes attorneys can charge a lower amount at first but then after getting the case they would ask the client for more money if they wanted the attorney to do certain other things. The client should also make sure they understand from the outset exactly what they will get for the money they are spending, how many times the attorney would go to court with them and whether they would take the case to trial for that amount if that needed to happen.

Is Hiring An Attorney For A DUI Case A Matter Of Quality?

Yes, it would be a matter of quality, and it can be tricky if the person never had any experience with the legal system before.

The person should go and have a case evaluation in-person with an attorney, so that they would be able to tell whether the attorney knew what they were doing, whether they had a game plan, whether they worked in that jurisdiction before, whether they had worked on those kinds of cases before and whether they could put the client at ease that they would do the best job possible for them. The client would be able to know the answers to these questions after meeting the attorney, because it would certainly matter a lot for them to have a quality attorney who was able to handle a DUI case.

How Can Someone Decide Between Hiring A Quality Attorney Over A Low Cost Option?

They should interview some attorneys, although they would probably not have a chance to interview a public defender because that would just be assigned to them in court. They should make time to talk to a few attorneys before their court date and then they would need to make financial decisions on their own regarding how they could come up with the money, whether they even had that kind of money, or whether they needed to borrow it. They should not be afraid to ask all kinds of questions from the attorney they were interviewing and gauge their responses.

Are There Other Factors To Consider?

If it was financially feasible, the person should look at other factors besides just price. They should consider the attorney’s experience, success rates, experience within a certain jurisdiction and then most important of all, they should just follow their gut feeling regarding the attorney’s personality and whether they clicked with the client because the importance of that cannot be overstated since they would be working relatively closely with that person for 6 months to a year, and sometimes longer than that.

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