Why Is Hiring An Attorney Crucial For A DUI Case?

An attorney can help their client in many ways. Even a first time DUI can result in up to a 1 year jail sentence, and a second time DUI could be a mandatory minimum 5-day jail sentence, so it may not only be about the fines.

Secondly, the range of fines for a first time DUI would be from $600 to $2,100, but an attorney would be able to help make sure the fines stayed on the low end, if there were any fines at all. They would be able to get an alternative resolution like a deferred prosecution or they might be able to have the case dismissed outright so their client might not need to pay any fines at all and they might only have to pay the court costs.

Will The Courts Look Upon Someone Unfairly If They Hire An Attorney?

This should not be a concern. Most judges and prosecutors throughout the state of Alabama expect that someone charged with a DUI would hire an attorney, since it is a complicated area of the law and there are a lot of moving parts to it. If someone initially came to court without an attorney, a lot of judges would remind them that it would be a good idea to probably hire an attorney for the DUI case. Beyond all of that, it is the person’s constitutional right to hire a lawyer for any legal proceeding, and in my opinion, they would not be seen as being arrogant for hiring an attorney.

Would It Be Worth It To Take Out A Loan Or Borrow Money To Hire An Attorney?

This would be up to each individual, who would have to do an assessment of their own financial wellbeing, although a lot of factors would come into play for that as well.

An attorney might be able to save their client some money with regards to fines and court costs, especially on companion cases that are often paired with the DUI, such as traffic violation cases. Someone should also consider what effect the DUI conviction would have on their employment opportunities, their ability to advance within their career, or even the chances of them being fired from their current job.

It may still be the financially sound thing to do, even if someone had to take a loan from a family member, a bank, or something like that to hire an attorney, when they consider what would be at stake if they did not borrow that money. If someone went into the court, plead guilty and then got a DUI conviction and their license ended up suspended for 3 months, and they owed a significant amount of fines and court costs and then on top of that they lost their job or their inability to get a new or better job, then the loan would have in all likelihood been well worth it.

Should Someone Hire An Attorney For Their First DUI, Or Will The Courts Go Easy On Them?

The person should still consider having representation even if it was their first offense. Even a first time DUI would have the ability to result in up to a year in jail and a $2,100 fine. There would be aggravating factors on top of that if the person blew a certain level on the breathalyzer or refused to blow and then on top of that they would also have the license suspension penalties as well. A lot would go into even a first time DUI so the person should have a legal counsel to advise them about their rights, what the potential outcomes would be and what the potential penalties would be.

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