Driving on Suspended License

Interviewer: If your license is suspended, do you get people that try to drive anyway? What happens if they get pulled over and then they’re driving?

Brett Hollett: We do. We currently do not have a provision for people to get a hardship license. People have to make those tough decisions as to how they’re going to get to work or where they’re going to drive but if they do get pulled over and they’re driving on a suspended license, they’ll get a ticket for driving while suspended. A driving while suspended ticket will add an additional six months’ suspension time to their license. All those suspension times stack. They don’t run concurrent. Meaning, if your license was already suspended for a month and you get a ticket for driving while suspended, it’s really going to be suspended for seven months.

Interviewer: Do you get cases where that’s happened?

Brett Hollett: All the time, yeah. In a lot of cases, we can get their license back or we can plea some of those cases down to no state driver’s licenses tickets, which allows our client to not have additional suspension time.

Mitigating Factors

Interviewer: Is there anything that you instruct people to do once they are arrested and you’re representing them that would help them look better in the court, like go get a drug and alcohol evaluation, or is there anything they can do to mitigate what’s going to happen?

Brett Hollett: Yeah. In a lot of cases, they can help themselves. Obviously, the number one thing we tell our clients is to avoid having any additional contact with law enforcement. Don’t get any more tickets. Don’t get another DUI. Don’t get arrested for anything else if you can help it but then, over and above that, we tend to encourage people to be active in their community, whether where they go ahead and start maybe doing some community service or enroll in a substance abuse program on their own. Being proactive can definitely set them apart in front of the judge and may result in more favorable outcomes for their cases.

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