Felony DUI

A Felony on Your Criminal Record?

If you have already had three DUI convictions in your lifetime and have recently been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving again — you´re very close to having a Class C felony conviction on your criminal record. For first class criminal defense and lawyers who won´t pull any punches in defending your rights — call or contact Peagler & Hollett, LLC and talk to an experience DUI defense attorney today.

What can a felony on your criminal record do? It can hurt your chances for promotion at work, keep new job opportunities just out of reach, prevent you from holding certain types of occupations or professional licenses, cost you your right to vote, and much, much more.

Our firm provides experienced and aggressive DUI defense representation to individuals in the Birmingham area and throughout central Alabama who have been charged with felony DUI. In these cases, we take our work with an extreme seriousness and are aggressive in challenging every aspect of the prosecution´s case we possibly can.

To accomplish our goal of obtaining the best possible results regardless of circumstance, our lawyers go beyond simply relying on the police and prosecutor´s version of events and look closely at the stated reason you were stopped, the field sobriety testing used, the breathalyzer machine´s maintenance and calibration records, and the blood-alcohol content (BAC) results and evidence handling.

Penalties for a felony DUI conviction include a fine of up to $10,100, up to 10 years in prison, and a five-year license suspension.

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