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How to Get a Top Homewood DUI Attorney

Homewood, Alabama, located in southeast Jefferson County, is a densely populated suburb of Birmingham. If you are ever cited for a DUI in Homewood, the first thing you need to do is call a Homewood DUI attorney immediately to figure out what your rights are. Many people feel alone and ashamed when dealing with a DUI. We want you to know you are not alone. We want you to know you have rights and there are people who will vigorously advocate for you. A Homewood DUI lawyer with experience can help you navigate the confusing legal system and let you know all of the facts that the authorities simply will not tell you. This is why you should never go to court without speaking to a Homewood DUI attorney

Let a Homewood DUI Lawyer Aggressively Defend You

Drunk driving is seen as a very serious criminal act by Homewood and Jefferson County law enforcement officials, judges and the citizens on a potential jury. If there was ever a time to have a professional and aggressive Homewood DUI lawyer in your corner, this is it. Police officers are very eager to arrest individuals for DUI offenses, but their sobriety testing methods are not always 100% accurate. There are many factors, such as misuse of technology and scientific anomalies that produce inaccurate false positives. This is why you need a knowledgeable Homewood DUI attorney assisting you.

Get a Qualified Homewood DUI Lawyer: Build a Strong Defense

Even though DUI arrests are common in Jefferson County, the personal effects of a humiliating experience can haunt you for the rest of your life. Getting a DUI can have serious consequences that last a lifetime. You need a Homewood DUI lawyer that is familiar with the specific DUI laws in the city, county and state. Because of the devastating consequences of a DUI, it is best you act swiftly to protect yourself and your future. Being convicted of a Homewood DUI may result in jail time, large fines, driver’s license suspension, and loss of employment.

Homewood DUI Attorney Defense in Jefferson County, AL

If you are arrested in Homewood for a DUI offense you have to appear in court. With a Homewood DUI lawyer there to defend your rights you will feel much more at ease and may experience far fewer consequences than if you were there by yourself. It is critical to choose someone who has experience in these types of cases. The right attorney will know how the defense will likely build their case and can use that knowledge to help you obtain victory; but you have to take action.

Call a Homewood DUI Attorney Today

If you or someone you love has been arrested on DUI charges, we urge you to contact us now. Without a Homewood DUI attorney to address the charges, it is likely you will be convicted of the offense and face serious consequences like a suspended license and even jail time. For help, contact the Homewood DUI Attorneys of Peagler & Hollett, LLC at (205) 871-9990 today for a free consultation.

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