Hoover, Alabama

Need a Hoover DUI Attorney?

Hoover, AL is the site of a fair amount of traffic due to its location; it is a city that is part of both Jefferson and Shelby counties and is the largest suburb of Birmingham, AL. The central business district of Hoover, AL shares access with various federal and state highways. As a result, Hoover, AL often handles traffic-related and vehicular offenses, including DUI.

If you are one of those traveling in Hoover who have been pulled over and charged with DUI, your first step should be to speak with an experienced Hoover DUI lawyers about the steps you should take before you head to Court.

The court office cannot provide you with this legal advice. If you have a question concerning a legal aspect of your case, you must contact an attorney who can assess your case and help you avoid police custody and maintain driving privileges. An experienced Hoover DUI attorney can help you better understand the legal process and serve as a buffer between you and the Court, as well as soften or reverse the consequences of a DUI.

In Hoover Municipal Court, the charge of DUI (whether under the influence of alcohol or drugs) is considered a traffic offense. All violations of Alabama traffic laws are charged on a uniform traffic citation form (ticket). By signing the ticket you are promising to appear in court – but you are not admitting guilt.

So how will a Hoover DUI attorney help you? Likely, he or she will provide you with facts that you wouldn’t have known about the trial system in Alabama with regards to DUI. One such fact is that in Alabama, a criminal case filed by the state and a civil case filed by the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Based on Section 32-5A-191 of the Alabama code, the Hoover Municipal Court handles misdemeanor criminal cases that occur within the city limits. The most common misdemeanor offenses that occur are DUI and alcohol related offenses and minor drug offenses. If you have been arrested for either offense, you must appear in court on your court date.

At some point, every defendant to appear in Hoover Municipal Court is issued a court appearance date. If you received a traffic citation, the court appearance date will be at the bottom of the citation, in the space marked “Court Appearance Date”. If you were arrested, you would have been given a court appearance date at the time you bonded out of jail. Please note that the Court is obligated to follow the date on its copy of the records. If you have any questions about your court date, please contact the Court as soon as possible, but no later than the day before your scheduled court date.

After the criminal court proceedings are finished, if a defendant is convicted of DUI in Hoover Municipal Court, he or she will likely be referred to the Court Referral Program where a Court Referral Officer evaluates the extent of the defendant’s substance abuse problem. As a result of the Alabama Mandatory Treatment Act of 1990, all drug and alcohol offenders are ordered into the Court Referral Program to receive education, treatment, monitoring, and drug testing, depending on the severity of the individual situation.

Those who choose experienced and qualified Hoover DUI lawyers to represent them in their DUI case may notice that the burdens they carry with regard to defending themselves and working to lessen the consequences they face are significantly less. Call Peagler & Hollett, LLC today to learn more.

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