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A Pelham DUI Attorney – Peace of Mind

If you were arrested in Pelham, AL for a DUI, then you are undoubtedly concerned about the potential consequences and legal ramifications a conviction will bring. If you are like most people, your mind is racing with unpleasant thoughts of how a DUI conviction would impact your life. Pelham judges and law enforcement officials do all they can to prosecute DUI offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Because of this – obtaining a Pelham DUI attorney right away is in your best interest. Even a first offense can result in up to one year in prison and a suspension of your license for 90 days. The legal problems caused by a DUI conviction are tremendous as are the collateral damages that occur to your personal life. A Pelham DUI attorney with experience and knowledge of Pelham DUI laws can literally be a lifesaver.

Pelham DUI Lawyer

Anyone arrested in Pelham or anywhere within the Shelby county limits must appear in court. You also only have ten days for an attorney to request a meeting with the Public Safety Department to try and help you keep your license. This is just one of the many reason to contact a Pelham DUI lawyer right away. The longer you wait, the slimmer your chances become at overcoming the charges or having a much less severe penalty. A quality Pelham DUI lawyer will be with you every step of the way both in and out of court. If you’re like most people, you probably assume the worst. Many people facing a DUI charge don’t have perspective and therefore get overwhelmed. An experienced attorney can help provide the proper perspective and look at all of the facts of the case and form a proper strategy. Many people assume they have no chance of winning. They are resigned to the fact that they are going to be convicted. Little do they know that there are several ways a Pelham DUI attorney can defend their case.

Pelham DUI Attorney – The Experience and Knowledge You Need

It’s a widely known fact that even practicing lawyers in Pelham and all throughout Shelby County hire a Pelham DUI attorney when they face charges. That’s because they know the value of a legal expert that will vigorously use the resources and knowledge to defend them. Even a failed sobriety test is not a sure conviction. There are errors made when giving the tests as well as faulty equipment that can bring back false positives. Pleading guilty and giving up is the worst thing you can do.

Pelham DUI Lawyer – Crafting a Solid Defense

An experienced Pelham DUI lawyer will tell you that there are many ways to defend a seemingly impossible case. The right Pelham DUI attorney will spend the needed time to go over every aspect of your DUI case to come up with the best defense. Errors are often made that your attorney can use to your advantage. They will also meet with the prosecuting attorney on your behalf to discuss the best possible course of action.

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The consequences of making the wrong decision or just not acting at all can affect your life for years to come. If you or someone you love have been arrested on a DUI charge you owe it to have your case reviewed by a top Pelham DUI attorney who knows the laws, the system, and the people involved. Call Peagler & Hollett, LLC at (205) 871-9990 today for a free consultation.

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