Can An Attorney Guarantee Victory In An Auto-Accident Claim?

I would like to give people guarantees everyday but unfortunately it’s unethical and it’s against our rules of professional responsibility to do so. Secondly anybody who guarantees a result is a fool. Anything can happen in any of these cases. So, the answer is no, I can never give anyone a guarantee.

What are the Common Client Concerns When They Meet With You?

Their medical bills piling up, what do they do with those. Not being able to go back to work, what do I do. Getting to and from the doctor if they can’t drive anymore. Getting to and from work if they can’t drive anymore and they’re just easing their mental psyche. They’ve just been involved in an accident that’s turned their life upside down. So, sometimes they just need you there to be an extra support person as well.

If I Was in an Accident, Would it Help to Take Pictures in That Situation?

Yes. Pictures are absolutely important. They can help with determining fault; it can help with documenting your injuries, documenting your property damage, so it’s definitely important. That’s one of the things that people should do directly after they’re involved in an accident especially now that camera phones and cell phones are commonly available.

Is There Any Last Bit of Advice that You Would Like to Give to Potential Clients Regarding Auto Accidents?

They should always remember to watch what they say directly after an accident and then they should never talk to an insurance adjuster without contacting an attorney first. The most important thing is just contact an attorney as soon as possible, the representation on initial consultation is going to be free. There’s not going to be any upfront obligation to the client so that attorney can help them immensely through the entire process. A lot of people ask if settlements are taxable. Do I have to pay taxes? Settlements are not taxable under state or federal laws. If it’s compensating you for medical bills and pain and suffering, the only time that a settlement can be classified as an income and the only time a portion of your settlement can be classified as income is if you got any portion of that settlement for lost wages. At that point in time, you would have to pay taxes on only that part of the award. If you got awarded $3,000 on lost wages and $10,000 for pain and suffering, then you’d only owe taxes on $3,000. The other thing is this statute of limitations on all these personal injury cases is 2 years in Alabama from the date of the accident.

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