Can You Provide An Idea Of What Happens To An Individual After An Auto-Accident?

Often times, they have that initial shock. If they had to go to the emergency room, they’re sitting there, they’ve gotten some initial treatment. After that, they’re able to finally get their wits about them and they start to worry about, “I’m not going to be able to go back to work and who’s going to pay my medical bills? What happened, who’s going to pay for my car? Am I going to be able to get a rental car?” All those things start to come into play and at that point in time, those people start to think about, “I need to find an attorney to help me out and to answer all these questions and to make sure that I’m compensated and make sure that I can get back on track with my life”.

Do People Actually Have to Negate that Emotional Factor in Order for Them to Keep Focused on their Pending Case?

People can get emotional but they just need to stay focused on trying to get themselves back in the right position they were before the accident. Unfortunately this accident happened. The main thing they need to focus on is getting themselves better and listening to all the advice their doctors and medical treatment providers are giving.

What is the Impact on the Life of An Individual That Has Sustained Serious Injuries in an Auto-Accident?

All that stuff will be factored in to any potential valuation of your case. If you’re no longer able to work because of this injury like we talked about before, then we would factor in, what’s the average person’s lifespan, how long are they going to work, what kind of job were you doing previously, what kind of job can you do now if anything, what’s the difference in pay, etc. All those things we factor in and all those things can be listed as damages in your case. As an economic impact, you know, you may have to have an economist coming there and say, “Based on John’s injuries and based on John’s previous jobs, John can now do this and he’ll get paid this. He has a working life expectancy of X”, those would all be factored into any valuation of your case.

Can An Attorney Give Me a Fairly Accurate Assessment of My Case During Initial Consultation?

Yes. Once fault is determined, if you’re not the at-fault party, the ball’s really going to lie in the court of the medical providers; the case is going to be driven by you and your treatment. As soon as you’re able to get back to a place where they feel as good as you’re going to be, then we can really get the case going. Then we pursue settlement talks but we can’t really do anything until they’ve finished medical treatment or until the doctor says, “This person’s going to require long-term medical treatment of X amount of time”.

At that point in time, if they say, “You’re going to require years of medical treatment”. At that point in time, we can go to the insurance company and say, “Hey, look this person is permanently disabled”, or whatever the case maybe. They’re going to have an ongoing treatment for the rest of their life or for a long period of time. Then we can start but until a doctor says either you’re back to as good as you’re going to get or there’s some kind of permanent disability that’s going to require an ongoing medical treatment, we really can’t do anything.

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