How Is An Auto Accident Attorney Compensated In Alabama?

Customarily, in Alabama, if you have a car wreck that was someone else’s fault and you’ve been injured, then you will pay that attorney what we call a contingency fee, which is a percentage of whatever the attorney is able to recover for you. There is no hourly rate and there are no bills to be paid to the attorney throughout the course of the case; essentially, the attorney only wins if you win.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Auto Accident Claims?

What sets our firm apart from others in terms of how we handle personal injury claims involving auto accidents is that we take pride in those cases and the claims. We’re respected by insurance companies because we are willing to try a case before a jury if it becomes necessary and we don’t just settle for whatever is offered. We are also students of the game, for lack of a better term, in the sense that we study the latest and best ways to most effectively represent our clients, whether it is through the law or through jury research and also the best ways to effectively deal with insurance companies and medical providers to attempt to maximize our client’s recovery; to get the insurance company to pay the claim correctly and at the appropriate amount and so to work with medical providers to get them to compromise on the amount owed so that the client is left with something at the end of the case.

Every case is different because every wreck is different and every situation is different; that’s why they call it the practice of law as opposed to many other things. It’s similar to the practice of medicine in the sense that things change on a daily basis. The most important aspect of a law firm that handles these cases is not just understanding the law but also conducting the investigation, since so much of whether a claim is paid correctly stems from the investigation, and conducting it while the evidence is fresh right after the wreck, which can prove your case.

If a year goes by, it may be too late, since all the evidence may no longer be there, or it may have been manipulated. In a commercial vehicle context, you will often see circumstances in which their lawyers and investigators are framing the wreck in the best light for their entity. I’m not saying that people are dishonest, I’m just saying that they are putting the evidence in the light most favorable to them. Hiring an attorney early and allowing them to get their investigation rolling is extremely pivotal in proving your case.

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