Is It Easy To Get Compensated In Court If I’m Injured In An Accident?

If fault is not an issue in your case, then you’ll be compensated for your injuries. The amount is the tricky part. Insurance adjusters are going to try to downplay your injuries, they’re going to try to downplay the claim and they’re going to try to settle that case for as little as possible. Your attorney’s job is going to be to make sure that adjuster knows exactly what he believes your case is worth and push them to settle the case for a higher number and ultimately settle your case for an amount that adequately compensates you for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and inconvenience. If fault is not an issue, then yes, you’ll be compensated but the amount you’ll be compensated is going to greatly depend on

  1. The attorney you have
  2. The extent of your injuries.

Would I Be Able to Get Money for My Injuries If I Were to Get into a Collision with an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver?

If you carry UIM or under insured motorist coverage, then you could seek compensation from those policies that you possess. In Alabama, you can stack UIM policies meaning that if you own more than one vehicle or utility vehicle or both and they’re all insured under the same company, those policies can be stacked. If you have UIM policy of $25,000 on each vehicle but you have three vehicles insured under the same company. You would have up to $75,000 in underinsured motorist coverage available.

What Are Fault And No-Fault States? How do they Apply To My Situation?

Alabama is a contributory negligent state. They follow contributory negligent doctrine which means if in anyway you contributed to the accident by your own negligence, then you can be excluded from any compensation. Most other states are comparative negligent states meaning that if you were somewhat at fault but the other party was more at fault, then you can get a percentage of that. In a comparative negligent state, if you were 49 percent at fault and the other party was 51 percent at fault, since the other party was still more at fault than you were, let’s say you got $100 settlement or verdict, you would be entitled to $51 of the $100 settlement or verdict because that other person was 51 per cent at fault. In Alabama, if you’re even 1 percent at fault and the other party was 99 percent at fault, you wouldn’t get $99, you’d get $0.

If I’m Judged to Be at Fault and the Other Party’s Insurance Calls; What Do I Do?

If you’re the at-fault party and you’re told that you’re the at-fault party and you have insurance, your insurance company has a duty to defend you and that’s part of why you pay your premiums. You should obviously contact your insurance company if you already haven’t done so, and at that point in time, their lawyers will get involved and handle the case for you. If you dispute that you’re at fault and you believe the other party is at fault, you may still want to contact a personal injury attorney and let them look at and let them try to determine who actually was at fault before accepting liability.

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