What Are Some Of The Things That People Do Unintentionally That Can Hurt Their Own Case When They’ve Been In An Accident?

The first thing is they do not document the accident, meaning they don’t write down everything they remember. You should always try to write down names of any witnesses because you will not know what that officer’s finding is on that report till a couple of days later. At that point in time, if you disagree with the finding, your notes or thoughts may become extremely important to either dispute fault or place fault on the other party. Failing to get immediate medical treatment is another mistake that can hurt your case. As soon as you feel any kind of pain, you need to seek medical treatment, you don’t need to tough it out or you don’t need to worry about the ensuing medical bills. The next thing is delaying to contact a qualified attorney.

Without an attorney, you may attempt to settle their case with an adjuster and you may say some things that may hurt your case or you may say some things that lead that adjuster to believe that you are partially at fault. If any fault whatsoever can be placed on you, you may be subjecting yourself to zero compensation. So it’s extremely important to not talk to any insurance adjusters without an attorney. Once you do seek medical treatment, you need to follow the medical provider’s advice, you need to continue to seek treatment as long as they tell you to do, go to a specialist. What you don’t need to do is exaggerate your injuries. We’re not asking you to go in there and make false claims but we are asking you to go in there and tell them everything that’s wrong with you and everything that hurts. So, you need to be thorough but you don’t need to exaggerate your claim. You need to be as honest as possible and you also don’t need to hide any past medical problems you may have.

If the Insurance Company is Calling Me and Asking Me to Make a Statement, What Should I do at that Point?

If you are already represented at that point in time, you should give them the name and number of your attorney. If you’re not represented at that time, I would tell them that you’re seeking legal assistance and as soon as you hire an attorney that you will have your attorney contact them. Take down the name and number of that adjuster but never give them anything other than simple personal information. Don’t talk about the accident and don’t talk about anything else.

What Are the Qualities to Look For When Retaining An Attorney for An Auto-Accident Claim?

There are a lot of different things, you know, does the particular lawyer handle that type of cases, probably obviously number 1, you know, and then you can look at their credentials, you can see where they went to law school, what organizations or memberships they have in organizations, any special training they may have and then you can schedule a free consultation without any kind of obligation, so you can go, sit down and talk to that attorney face-to-face asking any questions or concerns that you may have. A lot of times, people hire an attorney based on whether they’re comfortable with that attorney, whether they believe that their attorney’s going to be able to handle this in a manner that they think is best for their situation. A lot of it is just how you feel with that person and if they make you feel comfortable or not.

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