Medical Malpractice Cases Are Typically Risky And Expensive In Nature

Interviewer: What are some examples of risky type cases?

Brett Hollett: Obviously the higher the contingency fee an attorney has to charge the riskier the case is perceived to be. Typically, medical malpractice cases are some of the most expensive and riskiest type cases to take on. An attorney’s expenses in the medical malpractice case can get up there pretty quick so attorneys have to be really selective in the types and amount of cases they take on at one time.

An Attorney Can Evaluate the Pros and Cons of A Case After Listening to the Facts

Interviewer: If someone gave you a story of what happened during the initial consultation, can you give him an idea about how the case may play out?

Brett Hollett: Each case is going to be unique but yes, based on the general facts or the general circumstances, we would have a pretty good idea of where we thought this case would go and kind of the timeline, we thought the case may take.

It is Against the Professional ethics of an Attorney to Guarantee an Outcome in a Case

Interviewer: Even if the case looks really good on my end, is there a guarantee?

Brett Hollett: No, there’s no real guarantee. Anybody who gives you a guarantee is a fool. I cannot legally give you a guarantee; it’s against the professional rules of ethics attorneys are bound by. However, by hiring the right attorney you can maximize your chances of success. Nonetheless, I can guarantee that you will never have to pay a fee or any costs if your case is not successful.

Notable Case Studies of Personal Injury Cases in Alabama

Interviewer: Are there any particular cases or a story that you could share like something along the lines of a favorite victor or something perhaps a unique case that you can share as an example?

Brett Hollett: Every case is unique case. Everyone is faced with an injury that has somehow changed their lives. The change or inconvenience may be temporary or god forbid it may be permanent. We understand no amount of money can erase the pain and injury you or your loved one has suffered but we try to provide some peace of mind knowing that your medical expenses will be covered and you can focus on your recovery. A lot of clients may initially think they may not need an attorney and then, medical bills start piling up and collection letters start piling up in their mailbox and annoying phone calls are made to your home and office. When they finally decide to get an attorney involved, they realize how much better-off they are and how much more their mind is at ease. The attorney will notify all the debtors that this matter is pending litigation and will instruct collectors to cease all direct communication. The clients can then stop worrying about paying all of these medical bills and focus all their attention on getting better.

Car Accident Cases are the Most Common Type of Cases and Medical Malpractice Cases are the Least Common

Interviewer: What would you say is the most and least common type of personal injury case?

Brett Hollett: I think car accident cases are the most common. The least common are probably medical malpractice cases just because they are the hardest to win and require the most effort and money from an attorney.

People May get Discouraged if the Case gets Drawn Out or Prolonged for Some Reason

Interviewer: Do people ever get hesitant or discouraged about their cases?

Brett Hollett: You need to have a serious and realistic conversation with your clients at the outset. A lot of times, these cases tend to drag out and it’s not really anybody’s fault but, it’s because the treatment takes longer than they initially thought or there may be complications. Once treatment is complete, the attorney must request and gather all the medical records and billing. A lot of times, clients tend to think that they’re going to hire a lawyer and then get a check in the next 2 to 3 months, and that’s just not the case. These cases have to work themselves out and, the clients have to reach MMI or medial maximum improvement before you can even tender a demand. You want to protect your client and ensure all their injuries have received the necessary treatment to give them the greatest chance at a full recovery.

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