How To Proceed With A Risperdal Case?

In the situation that the lawyer had been hired and the investigation had been done, we would need to get the case filed either in one of the courts where there had been a consolidation, or if there was any liability on any other party that was local to where the plaintiff ingested the drug. We may be able to keep it in a state court system where the plaintiff lived.

In that case it would be just like any other case we litigated , most likely through the depositions including treating physicians, retaining experts, and then eventually, hopefully get rying the case.

The Statute Of Limitations On Risperdal Lawsuits

If I represented an 18-year-old who ingested the drug as a minor and then developed gynecomastia, the statute of limitations would be tolled or the clock would not start ticking until that person reached the age of majority.

There would be a disability of being a minor, which essentially means it would be like any other disability because the person would be incapacitated because they were a minor. They would not be able to contract until they reached the age of majority.

After reaching the age of majority in Alabama, the person would have three years to file their case, which would be different than the typical two-year statute for a product liability claim. Most other states have those minor tolling provisions but they are all different and the person would really need a lawyer to be able to guide them through that process so that their rights were preserved.

How To Prepare The Case And Prove The Complications Were From Risperdal

The person would most likely need a qualified medical expert to testify regarding the causal connection and they would need to look at all the clinical studies and the post marketing surveillance, the adverse event reports that the company received and trends of how many minor subjects developed this disease.

It would not be as easy as someone saying they were taking the drug, and that their primary healthcare physician diagnosed them with gynecomastia so based on that they think they could win their case. In reality these cases would be far from being that easy.

How Our Firm Handles Risperdal Cases

We are a trial lawyers’ boutique firm, so this is just what we do. We are trial lawyers and we know how to try cases from a single event car accident to an case involving 500 police officers from LA County, California.

It sets us apart that we have the experience and the knowledge to handle these cases. We also have the relationships with other lawyers in the country, and a lot of times we have relationships with the lawyers defending the pharmaceutical company to really get the best results.

Risperdal Lawsuits Can Take A Long Time To Reach An Agreement Or Be Resolved

The first case was filed in 2009 or 2010 and the battle still rages. A lot of these cases have been filed, although I do not know how many of them are legitimate.

At some point the numbers were nearly 1500 cases with an estimated 15,000 unfiled that were on some sort of an agreement that they would not be filed and that J&J would not fight the statute of limitations. They would toll it so they could handle the ones that had been filed.

There are a tremendous number of these cases and anytime there is a mass tort mass litigation like this, it can unfortunately take a tremendous amount of time to wade through and handle each and every one of them. We could still be talking about this in four or five years.

Why Our Firm Is The Best Choice For These Kinds Of Cases

I am passionate about these cases, because an attorney I care about people. The deck is stacked against us and we know it, but all the same we just have to keep swinging, keep fighting, keep clawing and really hope that our efforts end up yielding good results for our clients.

If the attorney did not care or if they were not passionate about people, then I can guarantee those attorneys would not get results that were good for their clients.

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