Why Do I Need An Attorney For A Mass Tort Claim?

What I learned in eight years of being mentored by two mass tort lawyers is that even they don’t know everything, and I certainly don’t. The game is constantly changing and so are the players, so you need somebody who knows how to handle one of these cases from start to finish. Not only that, you need somebody with the right relationships. There are a lot of people who specialize in this type of work, there are very few people who do it at a high level and you’ve got to know who those people are in order to really get the best result for your client because it’s a collective effort.

When you end up in an MDL, the idea is that there is strength in numbers in that the collective wisdom of the group of lawyers is going to narrow the issues and get the best results for everybody in that MDL. So, it’s extremely important that if you were injured by a drug or device, even if there isn’t an MDL for that product, that you talk to an attorney who has experience and has handled those types of cases, because they are not car accident cases, they are a lot different and you’ve got to have somebody who knows what they are doing on those cases.

Why Do Attorneys Handle Complex Cases like Mass Tort Claims?

For me, I believe in leveling the playing field, and making sure that drug and device companies, or any product manufacturer for that matter, are properly vetting their product before its sold and, moreover, if certain dangers are appreciated through that process, that the dangers are made known to doctors and patients or consumers so that the decision whether to use the product is an informed one.

What Are the Qualities to Look for in a Mass Tort Claims Attorney?

It’s not unlike any other endeavor that we look into in life. If you’re going to buy a car, you want to do your due diligence. What’s the mileage or how much experience does the attorney have, what type of experience, is it in data breach or is it in pharmaceutical or drug, what’s their track record?

All that being said, attorneys need to communicate with their clients, even in mass tort practices, because if you don’t know your client, you’re not going to be able to successfully represent that client, you’re not going to learn something that may be important to the case. So, for anybody out there, I would make sure that if you contact a firm that you talk with a lawyer within a week, and not just staff. It’s tough. I might have 70 phone calls in a week or even a day, and it’s tough to get to all those clients or prospective clients. Nonetheless, clients are the most important part of our practice, so they need to be treated with respect.

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