Could Pictures Of The Accident Scene Be Used As Evidence?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage all of our potential clients to document the scene of the accident as best as they can, and with camera phones so prevalent today it is definitely a good way to help the person remember the actual events of that day and document exactly what happened.

Should Someone Wait To See A Doctor Until They Talk To An Attorney Or Until The Pain Subsides?

No, the person should not wait, and they should seek immediate medical attention at the first onset of pain. If your pain is immediate or serious you should seek treatment from the paramedics on the scene and should use the ambulance if hospitalization is recommended. You might not feel the pain initially due to the shock of the accident, because your adrenaline can mask pain, but it is always advisable to go see a doctor immediately or at least get checked out. A doctor will be able to perform a physical examination and/or run any necessary tests to either determine the extent of the injuries and recommended treatment or to medically clear you to go back to work and your daily activities.

Would It Help To Keep A Journal Of What Happened In The Accident And Afterward?

This would be extremely helpful and it can help progress your claim. It will also allow you to keep your attorney informed as to how you are progressing with treatment and when the attorney should start requesting your medical records and start moving forward with your claim. The attorney will want to make sure that you have reached maximum medical improvement before making a demand with the insurance company, and in order to do this quickly as possible, you should listen to all of your doctor’s directives, seek treatment, and fulfill that treatment recommendation plan so you can get better as soon as possible.

Can A Person See Their Own Doctor Or Are They Bound To See The Doctor The Attorney Recommends?

You can see any doctor you want. Most people prefer to go to doctors and specialists that are covered under their insurance plan. You should contact your insurance company and get a list of covered providers. Additionally, many primary treating physicians will have referral doctors if specialized treatment is necessary. Your attorney can definitely help out by providing names of doctors, but they would not instruct anybody or tell anybody who they must treat with.

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