How Should Someone Choose An Attorney?

You must be confident in the ability of your attorney and you must be comfortable with them.  You should ask the attorney how many similar cases they have had, how much attention can they devote to your case, who will be working on your case, the partner or some associate, how big a caseload they handle, what kind of memberships or group affiliations they belong to, and where they went to law school. You should judge how comfortable you felt with the attorney, how comfortable the attorney was with their case and handling the case, and whether or not they could give the person the attention they would want or need. Everyone chooses an attorney for different reasons. All of these questions can be important but most people say it just comes down to whether or not the person felt comfortable with that attorney. It may require an in-person meeting and a couple of phone calls, but the client should want someone they felt confident would be able to handle their case in a way they felt was best suited to them, and someone they were comfortable speaking with.

Should Someone Look For An Attorney Who Fits The Situation Or The Client’s Personality?

These are totally different things. A person should look at the types of cases the attorney has handled, what kind of affiliations or memberships they are a part of, and they should obviously look at the attorney’s geographic location. The client should also see if the attorney offers free consultations, and then they should contact the attorney and take advantage of that time. You should talk to the attorney and see you are comfortable with them and were confident with the attorney’s ability. You will be able to decide whether or not your personalities matched and whether or not you would be able to work with that person.

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Why Would Someone Need An Attorney And Won’t Insurance Handle Everything?

An insurance adjuster would handle the case if the other party was at fault, and he would definitely try to contact the injured party to offer a quick settlement, because the insurance company would want to limit their exposure. Insurance companies can cut their losses by offering a quick settlement before the extent of the person’s injuries and damages are known. Insurance companies are out there to make money and not to pay claims, so they want to collect as much money as they can on premiums and pay as little as they can on claims. Experienced personal injury attorneys can greatly enhance the value of their client’s claim and they can also assure that the client is ready to settle their claim, meaning that they have gotten all the necessary medical treatment they may have needed prior to settling the claim. Your attorney will also factor in any potential lost wages or other damages you may have sustained, while the insurance company might overlook this completely or downplay its extent from the outset. You might not be able to imagine what the real impact of the accident is if you accept a quick settlement weeks after the accident when an adjuster calls you on the phone.

What Documents Or Things Should Someone Prepare For Meeting With An Attorney?

This would depend on how soon after the accident they contacted the attorney. If they contacted them immediately, then they would really not have anything other than maybe some personal notes or some photographs, but if some time had passed, then the attorney would also need a copy of the accident report, which would be very helpful, along with any witness statements they may have. Things like photographs or any of the person’s own notes would help speed up the process, along with their doctor’s name and any places they were seeking treatment or any kind of medical plan of action they may have from their doctor, if they had already started seeking medical treatment.

What Difficult Aspects Of Motorcycle Accidents Do Attorneys Deal With?

The hardest part would be the extent of injuries clients endure. Since cyclists are so exposed to the elements and the road, a lot of these injuries can be very gruesome, and a lot of these injuries are really severe. There can be a very lengthy recovery time also, and it can be a really hard and tough road for a lot of clients who are seriously injured in motorcycle accidents, because it would take them a much longer time to recover than someone who may have been injured in a regular vehicle accident.

Do Motorcyclists Not Hire An Attorney Because They Think They Will Not Win?

I don’t know the answer to this but they should definitely should talk to an attorney, especially if they are hurt. We can help. We work on a contingency fee, meaning no recovery no fee.

What Are Clients’ Immediate Concerns When They Talk To An Attorney After A Motorcycle Accident?

The client would want to make sure they would be taken care of and they would want to make sure their bills would be paid. They would want to try to get back to work as soon as possible and get back to feeling better and back to the place where they were before the accident occurred.

Does The Attorney Get Paid Through A Contingency Split For A Motorcycle Accident?

Yes, most attorneys would handle the case on a contingency fee basis. They would typically start at 33% but it could go up depending upon the complexity of the case and other factors. The client would not have to come out of pocket at all in the beginning, nor would they have to cover any of the expenses along the way. No recovery, no fee.

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