What Concerns Do Clients Have About Motorcycle Accidents?

They mainly want to get better and get back to the same place they were at before the accident happened so they can move on with their lives. Most importantly, though, they want to make sure that all their bills are being paid and that they are compensated for the time they have had to miss from work, time they have had to miss going to the doctor and then, just for the pain and suffering caused by someone else’s mistake, fault or negligence.

What Does Fault, No-Fault States Mean?

We follow the “Contributory Negligence Doctrine”, which means that a motorcyclist might be precluded from recovering anything if any amount of fault could be placed on him. We are not a “Comparative Negligence Doctrine”, state, meaning a state where they would compare fault and as long as the other party was at more fault than the person claiming, they could still recover something.

Would The Case Be Doomed If The Other Person’s Insurance Or Lawyer Were Calling?          

Not necessarily, although I would definitely advise the person to contact an attorney themselves and have someone else look at the accident report to see exactly what happened and what else was going on. In some cases, the attorney might have to follow up with the responding officer who made the accident report, and they would follow up if there were questions about calls or questions regarding the at-fault party, which are all things that could be considered.

How Long Would The Typical Motorcycle Case Take On Average?

The duration of the case would be totally client specific, because it would depend upon the person’s medical treatment and their medical needs, which makes it hard to generalize. The client would have to wait until they had gotten to the point where they were at maximum medical improvement, and in order to do that they would have to follow all of their doctor’s directives and orders and seek whatever treatment was prescribed to them. The time taken would be totally dependent upon the facts and on the person’s injuries.

Would It Be A Hard Battle If Someone Was Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

Winning the case would not be a problem if liability was not an issue. The problem arises with maximizing the value or maximizing the client’s settlement, which is why people hire personal injury lawyers who are experienced in this area of the law and can really help the client and help to maximize settlement amount.

Are Automobile Accident Cases Easier To Win Than Motorcycle Accidents?

They are similar, although the big difference would be that the injuries from a motorcycle accident could be a lot worse with than they tend to be with an automobile accident.

Would It Make The Case More Difficult Because Of The General Bias Against Motorcyclists?

Not necessarily, although it could be a factor if the case went to trial. We would need to take into account some of those biases, maybe during jury selection, to ensure that we got a fair pool of jurors if we did decide to try the case.

What Happens When Someone Dies As A Result Of The Injuries Of A Motorcycle Accident?

The case could go different ways and it could become a wrongful death case, instead of just a negligence case. Criminal charges may stem from the person causing the accident depending on the facts and circumstances of the accident.

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