What Happens If The Other Party Does Not Have Insurance At All?

In this case we would first find out if the client had a UIM or “Underinsured Motorist Coverage”, or “Uninsured Motorist Coverage”, and we would try to make a claim under one of those policies.

What Happens If The Medical Bills Are More Than The Insurance Can Cover?

There could be two situations here. We could look at following the potential client if he had uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage and we can look at making a claim against the person’s own policies for the excess. If all of the insurance was exhausted then we would have to enter into negotiations with the person’s medical providers to take a lesser amount based on the total amount of money available.

How Should Someone Negotiate Their Hospital Or Medical Bills?

The insurance company or the health provider will have a subrogation interest. If the person had health insurance or if they were on Medicare, then they would also have a subrogation interest, so attorneys can get in there and reduce those costs for the clients.

Would The Insurance Skyrocket And What Will Happen With The Insurance?

Nothing will happen with the insurance. Your health insurance will not go up, your auto insurance should not go up and it would not even go up if you made a claim under their uninsured or underinsured coverage. The only time your insurance would be affected is if you were the at-fault party, meaning you caused an accident. If you are an injured victim your insurance premiums will not increase because of this accident.

Should The Person Give A Statement To An Insurance Adjuster Who Is Constantly Calling?

If someone who was not represented by counsel was being harassed by an insurance adjuster and they wanted them to stop calling, then they should politely answer the phone and tell them that they are in the process of hiring an attorney, and once they have hired an attorney, they would have their attorney contact them to schedule something if the person chose to make a statement at that point in time. The person should get the adjuster’s name, number and obviously the claim number. If the person was represented by an attorney, then they would just need to give the insurance adjuster the attorney’s name and telephone number and ask them to contact the attorney instead.

How Is Compensation Decided When An Accident Renders Someone Unable To Work Or Changes Their Life Permanently?

All of that would have to be worked out in any potential settlement. We would have to figure out how the injury and the damages would be calculated if someone was permanently injured so that they would never be able to work again. We may hire an economist to determine the potential lost wages based off the person’s work-life expectancy and their ability to earn. This determination would then have to be factored into any potential settlement or offer that was made.

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