Is There A Common Injury For Slip and Fall Cases?

The most common injures include sprained ankles, broken ankles, and sprained knees. After that, you see slipped back discs or neck sprains. Anything associated with falling can occur. You may also see wrist or arm injuries when people try to break their fall.

Obviously, you can also see more serious injuries, like broken bones, cuts or gashes and concussions. All these can occur, depending on how you fall and what you hit when you fall.

What are Some Serious Types of Injuries that Result from Slip and Falls?

Any kind of broken bone injuries are very serious. Concussions, deep cuts or gashes that result from you hitting something as you fell are also considered as serious types of injuries. Additionally, any type of injury that requires surgery is very serious.

What’s the Biggest Challenge for an Attorney in a Slip and Fall Case?

Proving liability!

What are the Chances of Winning a Slip and Fall Case?

This is definitely both case specific and fact specific.

Because these cases are handled on contingency fee bases, after an attorney agrees to take on your case, that attorney already feels reasonably confident that he can return a good outcome. This is because the attorney will not get paid unless he recovers for you.

An attorney will not sign up a bunch of bad cases or risky cases if he doesn’t think he can win or settle. This is because he’ll ultimately spend a bunch of money without receiving money in return.

When I Had My Slip and Fall Accident, the Store Had Put Out Warning Signs for Slipping. Will This Hurt My Case?

The sign could hurt. The case is reliant on the determination of liability. It’s further reliant on the determination of your own carelessness.

Because Alabama follows a contributory negligence doctrine, this will be especially difficult. The questions should be: should you have noticed the sign? Would a reasonable person notice the sign? Were these signs warning you about the danger of the situation? This could negatively impact your case.

Will My Case Be More Difficult if I Had a Slip and Fall Accident and Was Already Injured to Begin With?

This won’t necessarily make your case more difficult. Determining the potential settlement or potential value of your case will be more difficult because of that prior injury.

Do Surveillance Videos Play Roles in Slip and Fall Cases?

This depends on how quickly the injured party contacts an attorney. Many of these establishments tape over their surveillance footage after a certain amount of time.

If the attorney was contacted immediately after the accident or soon thereafter, then the attorney could potentially send a letter requesting the preservation of the surveillance footage.

What are the Immediate Concerns of a Slip and Fall Victim?

The concerns sound like the following: What’s going to happen with my medical bills? How long is this case going to take? What do you think my case is worth?

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