What Are Good Qualities Found In A Slip And Fall Case Lawyer?

When choosing an attorney, you can look at what kind of organizations he’s a member of. You can note where he graduated from, which law school he graduated, where he practices, what areas of the law he focuses on and/or the size of his case load.

However, much of your choice comes down to your personal relationship with your attorney. How comfortable are you with that attorney? When you talk to him on the phone or in person, can he answer all your questions?

Does this person make you feel comfortable and confident in his ability to handle your case?

Your choice boils down to whom you feel comfortable with and whom you think can successfully handle your case.

Can An Attorney Guarantee Victory for me in a Slip and Falls Case?

Anything can go wrong during any case. It’s unethical for attorneys to make any kind of guarantee.

Slip and fall cases can be tricky because of Alabama’s contributory negligence doctrine. Thus, it’s really foolish to give anybody a guarantee. The potential client is involved in the case throughout; he always knows how the case is going. A guarantee is simply foolish.

What Sort of Expert Witness Could be Utilized for a Slip and Fall Case?

Again, this question depends on what type of case we’re discussing.

If the case warrants significant medical treatment because of a serious injury you may require doctor testimony; if the case warrants significant loss of wages; if the case creates paralysis, you might seek an economist.

If you are dealing with a particular defect, you may ask a general contractor, a builder, a building inspector to show the defect and prove liability.

Recently, I had a case in which the stairs had a curb that wasn’t maintained or built to code. In this case, you’ll want to ask a building inspector or general contractor to discuss the required code regulations and why this particular step was not up to code. The faulty stair, in this case, was why the injury occurred.

When Should I Contact an Attorney After Being Injured?

You should contact an attorney right away. Even if your case doesn’t materialize or if your injuries aren’t that bad, the attorney can tell you about your next steps.

At this point, the attorney doesn’t have much time or effort invested in your case. The attorney can guide you through the process.

An attorney can start putting the case together to see what exactly happened. Thus, he can attempt to determine the liability. The sooner this occurs after the accident, the better.

An attorney can further begin to monitor your medical treatment progress.

What are the Steps that Someone Should Take After Contacting an Attorney?

After you contact your attorney, case facts will be the end-all, be-all of your case.

I prefer that my clients either email me or give me a quick call to say, “I am done with treatment with Dr. Smith; Dr. Smith referred me to Dr. Andrew; I am going to see Dr. Andrew now.” I want them to keep me in the loop.

Obviously, the attorney would do the same for any kind of developments with either the insurance adjusters or the defense team. Any kind of significant event is helpful when staying in contact with each other.

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