What Are Common Negative Side Effects Of Risperdal?

Any antipsychotic medication would have warnings about the brain’s ability to cope with a selective blocking of dopamine or dopamine receptors, agitation and then basically a number of different emotional or psychological side effects.

As far as the physical body is concerned, the biggest concern with Risperdal is the issue with gynecomastia with adolescent boys. These individuals would grow breast tissue and actually then lactate, because of Risperdal’s effect of stimulating the production of prolactin.

Obviously, if a child already had some mental illness like schizophrenia, he was bipolar or manic depressive, then the last thing that child would need would be to have something to make himself conscious about his body at that stage in life.

The same would be true for a child with ADHD, who would basically just be a hyperactive kid with really no underlying mental condition. Now, because of the medication he would suddenly grow female breast tissue and start lactating.

The child would already be going through an awkward stage in life and then he would be in the locker room with his other friends. Anyone could just imagine how devastating this situation would be on a young man’s growth and development.

Strange Side Effects Or Symptoms Of Risperdal Use

The strangest side effect to come with this drug would obviously be the lactation, because it sounds pretty strange for a young man to be producing milk.

These Side Effects And Complications Can Be Temporary Or Lifelong Depending On The Duration Of Use

The study showed that if the prolactin levels was normalized within a relatively short period of time then the body would respond accordingly and the abnormal growth of breast tissue would be minimized.

The body would not remove the extra breast tissue however. So unfortunately, a lot of these adolescents who are now adults and have been living with this condition and would really only have a surgical option to remove that abnormal tissue growth. There would definitely be some lifelong complications associated with the development of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Is Not Physically Dangerous But There Are Many Emotional Implications

I do not think gynecomastia causes any other underlying condition that could result in physical harm.  However, from an emotional or a psychological standpoint, the stigma is that boys do not need breasts and something is wrong if they have them.

The real issue is that this would already be a difficult time in a young man’s life and he would not need to have female breast tissue and lactation. That would only compound that difficult time in his life.

At the very least there should have been adequate warnings about that side effect so that the decision could be made whether the benefit of this drug outweighed the risks associated with gynecomastia and lactation.

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