What Are Some Things To Know About Using Testosterone Products?

What Are The FDA Approved Uses For Testosterone Products In The United States?

The FDA has approved testosterone drugs for those who have insufficient levels of testosterone as a result of a medical condition. That could mean essentially two things:

A medical condition that results in low testosterone production meaning something potentially genetic, such as a brain defect that regulates how our body produces testosterone or perhaps a cancer that resulted in some chemotherapy that has then resulted in low levels of testosterone production.

You have to have both the underlying condition as well as the resulting low testosterone production to be able to use testosterone products.

What Is Meant By Off-label Promotions For Non-FDA approved Uses?

This was marketed as sort of a “Fountain of Youth” type of drug for men in their mid-40s or 50s and older, who don’t produce as much testosterone. This is just something naturally occurring and not as a result of any underlying condition.

These companies basically manufactured a disease called “Low T” or some of them called it Andropause, to sell their products by saying, “Well, if you are not producing enough testosterone, you have a Low T or you have Andropause and we can get you back there — we can improve your sexual performance or increase your muscle strength, through this injection or this pill or cream,” and that’s all off-label use.

What Are The Dangers In Such Promotions?

When the drug or the device is not meant to treat an underlying medical condition, it’s all risk. There is no benefit as far as to treat the particular condition. The way that the testosterone was being promoted was basically superficial. The same benefits could be achieved to an extent through diet and exercise without the added risk of taking a testosterone product for an off-label purpose.

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