What Are The Issues Concerning Testosterone Supplements and Products?

What Are The Common Complaints And Side Effects From The Use Of These Testosterone Products?

The big ones that are on the forefront of the litigation are a severely increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, pulmonary embolism, and deep venous thrombosis through blood clots.

When Did The Problems With These Testosterone Products First Start To Surface?

It depends on who you ask. If you ask the plaintiffs, somebody injured or the plaintiff’s lawyers who have access to the confidential internal documents of these companies, they knew very early on that there could be risks that weren’t being accounted for.

However, you could say 2009 was when the FDA really started to get involved and then in 2015, the FDA concluded that there were enough warnings to require the warning change.

What Has Been The Response From Manufacturers?

It’s been pretty typical of any drug or device case in that they are defending their products. They are disputing that their products are defectively designed and that they are too risky. They also deny that their warnings were insufficient and they are going to try some cases and see if their defense is viable and can minimize damages or that they can defeat some of these claims.

How Common Is It That People Are Using The Generic Products Over The Brand Name?

A lot of time, we are none the wiser. We get the prescription and by the time we get to the pharmacy, our insurance provider has essentially required us to fill the generic for cost purposes. That’s very common.

Another common thing in these cases, that isn’t all that common in typical drug litigation, is the compounding where maybe the brand product is sent to a compounding pharmacy and its makeup is essentially changed in a way to make it where it was not exactly the same as how the manufacturer produced it.

In those cases, it’s just so difficult to prove that it was the product as it left the manufacturer that caused the harm as opposed to the product as compounded later. That’s why the office of Peagler & Hollett is not accepting those types of cases.

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