Why Is It Important To Contact An Experienced Attorney?

How Long Might A Lawsuit Take To Resolve? When Can People Start To Expect To See Compensation?

For those who ingested Androgel, since it was so widely used, there are so many cases, that litigation has taken a forefront in MDL. It will probably move a little bit more quickly than some of the smaller players in the market and the smaller products. You may be looking at 18 to 24 months before there is really any major improvement to resolve these cases.

What Are Some Other Things To Know About Testosterone Products?

Be savvy, be careful, talk to your physician and, do your due diligence. If you don’t have an underlying condition that is, if your Low T production is as a result of natural aging, just be aware that you may be bringing about risks that far outweigh any benefit from testosterone products.

Only a doctor can prescribe these drugs, so you really need to talk with your particular physician about that risk benefit profile and decide if these products are right for you. That’s probably the most important piece of advice that can be given to anyone about any drug or device.

What Experience Does Nate Vanderveer Have As An Attorney?

Nate Vanderveer is an attorney with Farris, Riley & Pitt. They are a boutique plaintiff’s firm that handles a variety of personal injury actions. Nate specializes in the field of pharmaceutical drug and medical device litigation.

What Sets The Firm Peagler & Hollett Apart In Handling These Claims?

Peagler & Hollett are trial lawyers. They try cases and they know how to try them. They know how to take it from start to finish. They are not just going to take the case and ship it out somewhere else. Peagler & Hollett will file and litigate it. What sets them apart is they can take the case from investigation all the way through jury verdict and then afterward if there is an appeal. They are full service.

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