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A Shelby County DUI attorney will defend your case and give you the best chance at avoiding conviction or making the penalties far less severe if a conviction is handed down. Shelby County County DUI laws were revamped in 2011 by a new bill making Alabama DUI laws some of the toughest in the nation. Shelby County County has several major highways including I-65, Highway 31, 231, and 280. These roads are patrolled vigorously for traffic offenses including DUIs. Shelby County County is one of the 100 highest income counties in the United States. Judges and law enforcement who want to protect the county’s reputation and high income status come down hard on people arrested for possible DUIs. If you or someone you care about has been arrested for DUI, you need to contact a Shelby County DUI attorney right away to review your case.

A Shelby County DUI lawyer will look over your case to determine the best defense. Many people who are charged with a DUI assume the worst and give up. They immediately believe a conviction is a foregone conclusion. A Shelby County DUI attorney with experience in defending people in your same situation will be able to analyze your case to craft the best defense strategy possible. In order to do so they need adequate time to look at all the facts and circumstances. In many instances what appears to be an open and shut case it not – even if you were given a DUI test. Shelby County DUI tests are by no means foolproof. There are a whole host of errors that can occur from faulty equipment, to the test being administered incorrectly. A good attorney will be able to find any potential errors because they are experts in the field of DUI law, testing procedures, and testing equipment. Besides providing council, they will accompany you when you go to court. Showing up to court on a DUI charge is a very intimidating and overwhelming experience. An experienced DUI attorney will be their every step of the way during your appearance. This service alone is worth hiring them.

A DUI conviction can turn your harmonious world into chaos seemingly overnight. The entire experience puts so much strain on your relationships with your spouse, loved ones, and friends. The biggest mistake people make is not having an expert Shelby County DUI attorney working for them that can help them move on with their life. People with DUI convictions are severely looked down upon in society. The shame that people experience when convicted of a DUI is sometimes too much to bear for many people. One of the consequences of being charged with a DUI in Shelby County is being forced to perform a breathalyzer into a breathalyzer machine every time you get into your car. Imagine the shame and embarrassment you would feel having to perform this test every time you got into your car to go somewhere.

Shelby County DUI Lawyer

With so much on the line, you simply cannot afford having an attorney guide you through the Shelby County County DUI court process. Pretending things will get better by themselves or go away just makes things worse. Without a Shelby County DUI attorney looking over your case, you may never discover the one thing that could help you walk and overcome the charge.

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