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Vestavia Hills, located atop Shades Mountain in the Appalachian Chain is located in Jefferson County with a few homes located in northern Shelby County. The city is approximately five miles from downtown Birmingham. There are several major routes that serve Vestavia Hills including I-65, I-459 and Highway 280. Because of these major roadways, Vestavia is home to a lot of traffic offenses including DUI. If you’ve been cited for a DUI in Vestavia Hills, the first step is to speak with a qualified Vestavia Hills DUI attorney. Your attorney will help you know what steps to take before you go to court. Don’t count on the courts to give you any legal advice – they are not able to. An experienced Vestavia Hills DUI attorney will help you understand the legal process and act in your best interest.

An Experienced Vestavia Hills Lawyer Protects Your Rights

In 2011 the state of Alabama enacted even harsher DUI laws. That means individuals convicted of a DUI in Vestavia Hills are subject to some of the toughest DUI laws in the country. An experienced Vestavia Hills lawyer knows your rights and how to protect them. People who choose to go up against the courts themselves often get overwhelmed and leave themselves vulnerable to receiving large fines, revoked driving privileges, daily breathalyzer tests, and even jail time. A Vestavia Hills DUI lawyer will vigorously defend you. Often times they can get a DUI charge overturned or lessened.

A Vestavia Hills DUI Attorney Hills DUI Attorney Makes a Difference

Individuals who are issued a driver’s license in the state of Alabama automatically consent to a drunk driving test if they are stopped by the police. Anyone refusing to take the test has their license automatically suspended. The fines related to a DUI offense start at $1,000 and escalate from there. Jail is not mandatory, but you can be sentenced to a minimum of one year or even more. The charges and damage to your reputation can stay with you for a lifetime. A DUI can cost you thousands of dollars, cause your vehicle insurance costs to skyrocket, and even cost you your job. Having a Vestavia DUI attorney in your corner gives you the best chance to overcome your charges.

A Vestavia Hills DUI Lawyer Will Examine Every Aspect of Your Case

Many people make the HUGE mistake that a DUI conviction is a foregone conclusion after a drunk driving arrest. This is simply not true. Instead of talking to an experienced and knowledgeable Vestavia Hills DUI lawyer, they talk themselves right into a conviction because they think there’s no way out. There are numerous ways to defend a DUI case – even when a breathalyzer test has been failed. It’s possible the police did not have probable cause to pull you over in the first place. They may have also used improper arrest procedures or sloppy evidence handling. These are things people do not consider or know about, but a Vestavia Hills DUI attorney does.

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